Weather and clothes: What to wear in different weather forecasts?

What to wear? Wevther is the new weather based clothing website that you need! Weather and clothes are a contested combination. What to wear today that suits the weather forecasts? This is a difficult question that many of us face every single day.

But no longer! The Wevther app helps you out! This is the app that advices you about the clothes you should wear today that fit the weather forecast.

After a great summer, with many warm, summer days, fall has definitely started again. This is one of the many perfect days on which I have no idea what to wear. That’s why I ask Wevther.

What should I wear?

Ask Wevther, what should I wear today?

what to wear in winter

What to wear on a winter day?

Whether you like it or not, we can have winter days until April. Always make sure you have some essential winter clothing in your closet. What to wear on a winter day, with low temperatures and possibly snow?

For example: a long, warm, winter coat. I always say: never save on a good winter coat. A long winter coat is both formal and stylish, and fits perfectly on a suit or dress. This is a multifunctional essential item in your closet.

But also: a long winter coat of good quality will last for years. So buy a winter coat that fits your perfectly of a good quality brand, so it won’t get out of style anytime soon.

And with some easy tricks you can combine this winter coat with a spring look. Combine the jacket with your favourite blue jeans or a bright scarf. Remember: Spring colours will uplift the style of your winter coat. A nice, warm, cosy knitted sweater will emphasize the winter feeling you love.

what to wear when it rains

What to wear when it rains?

Who likes to walk through the rain? Most people don’t, especially since it ruins your hair and outfit.

Depending on where you live, it rains either now and then or a lot. In most places on earth, rain comes in seasons. So prepare yourself when rainy days might come!

Make sure to have a stylish rain coat. This doesn’t have to be an ugly, unfitted, plastic rain coat. Many trendy clothing brands sell great coats that protect you for rain. These are long, waterproof coats.

Don’t forget the hoody. A hoody is an essential part of the rain coat. It keeps your hair from getting soaked during an unexpected rain shower and is essential in a rain proof jacket. Remember, there might always be some unexpected rain. The hoody will always be a very convenient rain protection.

A rain coat is nowhere without rain proof shoes. Preferably sneakers. Are your sneakers waterproof? If not, apply a waterproof spray on your shoes and make them waterproof. Nobody like to have wet socks all day.

Is it rain season and do you expect rain showers today? Then wear your rain jacket and be prepared.

Tip: Don’t forget an umbrella. During rainy seasons, an umbrella is the best accessory you can have. See my 16 favorite umbrella’s for rainy days.

what to wear

What to wear on cloudy, foggy, chilly days?

Brrr, it’s cold outside and the sky looks grey. Although you rather jump back in bed and stay under warm, comfy, cosy sheets, you do need to get to work and do you things. What to wear on these cloudy days with low temperatures?

Sweater weather! I love this time of year for the thick, comfy, soft sweaters that I can wear. But which one?

Wear a nice skinny jeans and an oversized sweater with preferably a thick knit. Is it too long? Don’t worry, curl it up.

What colour sweater to wear? It depends.

  • Is it spring? Choose bright colours to lift up your spirit.
  • Is it fall/autumn? Choose cosy colours of autumn, like brown, yellow and green.
  • It it in the middle of winter? I love a warm sweater with a strong knit or pattern.
  • Is is (around) Christmas? Never wear a Christmas sweater, because they’re definitely ugly and unflattering.

Sneakers are nice under skinny jeans, but don’t keep your feet warm. So wear leather boots, either sturdy or with fake fur.  

what to wear in spring

What to wear in spring?

These are very nice days that we love. Although it can still be a bit chilly, the sun might pop up to warm your face. These days make me happy, but what to wear on a day with such different temperature forecasts?

The answer during these days is: work with layers. On certain days it’s just difficult to guess what the weather and temperature is going to be like. It could stay cold, but what if the sun does pop up? By wearing layers, you’re prepared. You won’t be cold all day, be neither sweaty in the afternoon.

A poncho or big, thick scarf is a great solution. Is it warm? Then wear it over a leather jacket. You can however easily take the scarf off when the temperature rises.

Think in layers. So a shirt or sweater covered with a leather jacket and a big scarf. Whatever will happen that day, you’re prepared for it all and you can easily take a layer off.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring you sunglasses in case the sun does pop up through the clouds.

what to wear in summer

What to wear on sunny days

Jeeeej. It’s summer and the days are warm, with temperatures above 20 degrees. You’ve looked forward to the sun for months and you’re ready to enjoy the sun on your cheeks. What to wear on sunny days?

I love to wear a midi dress on warm, sunny days. A dress with long sleeves is a very formal option, especially when its nice and sunny but still chilly in the shade. Wear this dress with sneakers and bring a leather jacket.

Is it really sunny? Then go all the way. Choose bright colours and don’t be afraid to show some skin. Always keep it stylish, though. I love to wear little sandals, because they are super stylish and show the summer feeling. The best way to look great is to shop your clothes at trendy stores or to choose great brands that always look good on you.

What are you gone wear today? Wevther!